Spiritual Counseling

I offer soul-oriented and transpersonal counseling that honors the spiritual dimension at play in our lives. Rather than simply providing “mental health” services, which tend to be limited in understanding and overly cognitive, I create space for the whole being that is you, which includes the body, mind, soul, and spirit, as well as your connection to Earth and to your lineage of ancestors.

Perhaps you are stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns; maybe you have a creative block or feel you’re in the wrong career. Perhaps you are longing for like-minded community, romantic love, or friendship, or for something you can’t even name. Maybe you experience ongoing anxiety, depression, or physical pains or illnesses.

I believe that these patterns and symptoms, whether of the mind or body, are signs that the soul is crying out for attention. When we attune to the soul’s cry, we discover the deeper process at work and begin to invoke the force of healing that runs inherently through all of us. Spiritual counseling can build a sacred space where the soul’s processes are lovingly witnessed, helping you move into a deeper relationship with yourself and align with your true path.

My approach is integrative and holistic. It includes:

  • Jungian psychology and other psychotherapeutic modalities

  • Dreamwork

  • Somatic awareness

  • The wisdom of the 12 Steps

  • Ritual and nature connection

  • Creative arts

  • Active imagination

  • Guided imagery

  • The power of deep presence and listening

On this journey together, we honor the wisdom of your body, the guidance of your soul, and the power of the spiritual plane. We invoke the life force that runs through all beings, igniting the body/mind’s innate capacity to heal.


“From one end of this valley to the other are nothing but reasons to live.”
—Thomas R. Smith